ABOUT Tadashi Aizu




會津 格 / tadashi aizu



高校卒業後に渡米し、1998年ニューヨークのスクール・オブ・ビジュアルアーツを卒業。同年ニューヨークADCにてグループショーを開催。2002年監督作品“DREAM ON FLATBED”がハンブルク国際短編映画祭にノミネート。2008年帰国後、TV番組、短編映画、プロモーションフィルム、ショートフィルム等のディレクションを手がける。2013年初の絵画作品の個展 “Facebook goes to Art gallery ”  その出品作品は、ヨーロッパのWebギャラリー Arte Clusterで展示された。2014年2回目の個展”gold”開催。 2015年 12月26-28  plus ultra the artfair (3rd term) at 青谷スパイラル。




Tadashi Aizu was born in Yamagata, Japan in 1970. He moved to the United States in 1990, and studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Upon graduation in 1998, he worked a Independence film production, MHP Inc. and NEP America. Since returning to Japan in 2006, Aizu has worked as visual director and is currently working in Japanese TV production in Tokyo.


In 2013, the solo show “Facebook goes to Art gallery ” at black A.

In 2014, he exhibited the solo show “gold ” at black A.

In 2015, the solo show " gold and colors" at black A, Tokyo.

In 2015, he particpate plus ultra the artfair (3rd term) at Aoyama Sprial. 

In 2016, he particpate the pARTy at Hatch, Asakusa

About my work : 

My eleventh cluster headache cycle (CH) ended at the beginning of 2011.Right after that, Japan was struck by the huge 3/11earthquake.


There was no reason to start painting but I felt something. Release from suffering and return to suffering. I am sure that it must be connected to CH and 3/11. My CH is described as SHADOWS, HIT, ATTACK and SOLITUDE. And also, I truly can feel EASE, RELIEF and JOY.


These factors trigger to express my works. Some art works come from the middle of CH. Some of them from the beginning, some after. What is happening in the left side of my head, transfers to my art works.